Scene One

Elsewhere in the woods, Puck spies on the Athenian craftsmen. They worry that the audience will fear the lion and Pyramus' suicide within the play. They decide to do a prologue, which tells the audience that the characters are not real.

As Bottom goes offstage, Puck puts an asses head onto him. When the unsuspecting Bottom reappears, the other craftsmen become scared and run away. Shortly after, Titania wakes up and immediately falls in love with Bottom.

Scene Two

Oberon is delighted to learn of Titania and Bottom. Hermia and Demetrius appear; Hermia accuses him of killing Lysander, and storms off. Realising Puck's mistake, Oberon orders him to find the other lovers. As Demetrius falls asleep, Oberon plants the magic juice into his eyes.

Puck brings back Helena and Lysander; Helena believes that Lysander is mocking her. Demetrius suddenly wakes up and falls in love with Helena.

As the two men argue, Hermia arrives, and cannot believe what she sees. Eventually, the two men leave to fight over whom will get Helena. To fix the situation, Oberon sends Puck to separate the two Athenian men.

Scene Three

Puck allows the two Athenians to fall asleep. He leads Hermia and Helena to fall asleep alongside their respected lovers. He plants the magic juice into Lysander's eyes, so he will fall back in love with Hermia.