Act IV

Scene One

Titania lies down to rest with Bottom. Oberon emerges and tells Puck that Titania has given him the young boy. He removes the spell and wakes Titania. She is shocked to find the ass-headed Bottom lying next to her. Oberon calms his queen and tells her that they will dance at Theseus and Hippolyta's wedding.

Theseus, Hippolyta and Egeus find the sleeping lovers in the woods. As they awake, they try to recount the night's events. When Demetrius declares his love for Helena, Theseus decides to override Egeus' will. With Lysander and Hermia reunited also, he takes the four lovers back to Athens to be wed.

Bottom wakes up alone, and imagines that he has had a strange dream. He decides to tell Quince to write a ballad about it called "Bottom's Dream".

Scene Two

At Quince's house, the craftsmen panic over losing their leading actor, Bottom. They also fear that because Theseus has already got married, they can no longer perform their play. However, Bottom emerges and tells them that if they hurry, they still have a chance to perform at the festivities.