Act V

Scene One

At their palace, Theseus and Hippolyta discuss the bizarre stories that the lovers have told them about the previous night. Philostrates, Master of the Revels, enters with a list of possible performances for that evening. Theseus decides on Pyramus and Thisbe, the play of the Athenian craftsmen.

The craftsmen begin their performance in front of the lovers and court. There are many errors and incorrect lines. The watching audience criticise and make fun of the craftsmen throughout the performance. The play ends with a Bergomask dance.

As everyone retires to bed, Puck delivers a monologue, which explains that events are returning to the light of day. Oberon and Titania arrive to bless the new couples with a protective charm.

Finally, Puck is left alone. He apologies to the audience for what they have witnessed. To reassure them, Puck tells the audience to imagine the recent events to be a dream.